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Haian Marine Services is China’s largest professional supporting medium-speed marine diesel engine parts & components distributor that established by 1993. Haian has established a strategic cooperative partnership with Daihatsu licensee engine manufacturing company, MAN diesel & turbo licensee engine manufacturing company, Yanmar licensee engine manufacturing company and Deutz-MWM licensee engine manufacturing company, which are including with their OEM. The business scope covers to replace the new diesel engine units, to assembly the components, warehousing, logistics and technical services of the a.m. parts & components.

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Haian Marine Services Co.,Ltd.

Tel: +86-022-23970737


Fax: +86-022-23970870

Email: [email protected]

           [email protected]


Haian Marine Services (America) Co,. Ltd.

Tel: +1 613-274-7829

Fax: +1 613-224-0499

Email: [email protected]

Sales: [email protected]



? Haian Marine Services Co.,Ltd.

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