Haian Marine Services is China’s largest professional supporting medium-speed marine diesel engine parts & components distributor that established by 1993. Haian fully utilizes the resources of Chinese marine diesel engine industry. To "vertical integration OEM resources" as their own responsibility, Aimed at integrating the advantages of the supply chain through an efficient supply chain. We provide customers with high-quality products, services and value-added solutions.


Haian adheres to the customer centric business philosophy, committed to the construction of basic services, to create a competitive advantage, and improve market share. Haian has established a strategic cooperative partnership with Daihatsu licensee engine manufacturers, MAN diesel & turbo licensee engine manufacturers, Yanmar licensee engine manufacturers and Deutz-MWM licensee engine manufacturers, which are including with their OEM. The business scope covers to replace the new diesel engines, to assembly the components, warehousing, logistics and technical services of the parts & components. We are able to fully meet the diesel engine parts & components from the traders, stockist, shipping companies, even, individual demand of marine diesel engine manufacturing company.


"HMS" parts & components are is a general designation of Haian's agent products. With good quality, competitive price, delivery speed of word of mouth. Get the broad masses of the customers of the trust. To carry out the purpose of serving the customer, Haian according to the needs of different products, supply 7/24 professional services.


To expanding our business target area, the company has opened a new branch in North America, Haian Marine Services (America) Co,. Ltd. mainly supports regional development and seeking for further opportunity in alternative industrial area as the fundamental mission.


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